Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Material Design is coming to Google for desktop

Here's how you can enable the experiment (update: October 13th). The new homepage now has a grey background, new buttons, results in cards and a new search bar:

  • Go to Google.com and load your browser's developer console:
    • Google Chrome: Tools, Developer Tools
    • Mozilla Firefox: Web Developer, Web Console
    • Internet Explorer: Developer Tools (F12), Console
  • Copy and paste the following code:
    document.cookie="88=2G5Q7_4pzfHPiPrtbZqUtNtx0GF-25zE5gP-6NpqGTRGc2kOwze82TamPmDy1-JO3Pj97UmWg7mHMU3LnCmcTeRGC3AV1UxhTUQxfJVDfA3YvheB_ls9-LxqpfEe6-wj; path=/; domain=.google.com";window.location.reload();
  • Press Enter and you'll see the experiment.

If doesn't work, try this other method:

  • Open Chrome and install this extension.
  • Go to Google.com and select "Edit Cookies" option on the context menu:
  • Find a cookie named NID and replace the value with this cookie value:
  • Click "Submit cookie changes" and refresh the page.


  1. Your code tag needs some CSS fixes :D

  2. If you're logged in into your google account it's not working..

  3. It doesn't work. It say's undefined. There might be something wrong on the code. Please change it

    1. document.cookie="NID=79=plY6dGU7COfmytDXjaCCtf3Ilnc_6r_Dp6gOnV9poI-zKGcu9X6gxlkA1Qsk83oElEy0lQTEJ0Cz_pO75_O-4iD4910wdwx_GKS0NbmPkv-MXnOABcLNtghfMDuXo9PH; path=/; domain=.google.com";window.location.reload();

  4. I'm able to do it anyways on the extension method, but it resets when I reload the page (changes the cookie too) and and also when I switch to other sections like Images, videos, news and others, the searchbar was the only thing that remain Material while the rest of the page reset to the old look. So also when I go back again on the Web

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